240 Litre Clear Heavy Duty Bin Liners

Save up to 40% and buy direct from the manufacturer with Elka's range of non-tear, 240 litre clear heavy duty bin liners



Product Consistency

100% virgin material is used in Elka’s manufacturing 100% of the time. The Elka 240 litre clear heavy duty bin liners are quality assured with every single delivery.

Super strong

Super strong, built for tear resistance and super tough! If the Elka 240 litre clear heavy duty bin liners were a body they would be an Iron Man!

Cost Effective

Save up to 40% on on our 240 litre clear heavy duty bin liners. Contact Elka and reduce your cleaning expenses today!

High Quality Garbage Bags For Less

Garbage bags may seem bottom of the priority list, but by switching to the right range of garbage bags and at a cost effect price means you can save thousands on your consumables and increase the efficiency of your cleaning staff.

Elkas 100% virgin material garbage bags are extremely durable and non-tear without becoming thick and bulky.  Your cleaning staff no longer need to waste time dealing with the mess caused by split bags. Instead, they can remove and replace new garbage bags with ease.

Our unique ‘ anti-tear’ tough bag material creates garbage bags which aren’t as thick as recycled ones, so less waste heads to the local landfill.  Elka garbage bags also come in a range of colours including clear, which means you can keep a closer eye on your recycling targets.

Contact Elka today. Save up to 40% Australia wide and have happy cleaning staff!

Australia’s Toughest Bin Liners

Elkas 100% virgin material, garbage bag range delivers a tougher performance along with cost effective pricing across a range of sizes, thicknesses and colours, suitable for any environment.
Explore the Elka difference today and start saving big on your consumables!